HYCU backup closes first funding round, eyes IPO; Plus, understand colocation vs. cloud

Modern Infrastructure Digest

News and advice for creating tomorrow's data center | April 01, 2021

HYCU backup closes first funding round, eyes IPO

By Paul Crocetti, Senior Site Editor

The HYCU backup and recovery platform gained a boost with a major funding haul. HYCU seeks to stand out in a competitive data protection market.
Iridia CEO sees data storage future written in DNA
As investors show interest in Iridia's DNA chip technology, its CEO believes using synthetic DNA for data storage will be the way to tackle a yottabyte future.
Fungible computational storage eyes composable use cases

Fungible's computational storage anchors a new offering for composable infrastructure. The Fungible Data Center license allows IT teams to consume resources on demand.

Prepare for the unknown with an organizational resilience model

An organizational resilience strategy is far-reaching, involving many facets of IT and the business -- from disaster recovery to supply chain management.

What are the common Microsoft 365 backup challenges?
Microsoft 365 is a widely used service, but its many different applications make backup complicated. Watch out for these common roadblocks.
Cut coding corners with return values in PowerShell functions

In certain instances, a return keyword is a good option to exit the current scope of a function and to reduce the bloat from a PowerShell script.

Colocation vs. cloud: What are the key differences?
An organization can host a private cloud in a colocation facility, but using the colocation facility isn't the same as building a private cloud; the two are exceedingly different.
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